The Key to Their Success

Children’s Eye Exams

Our dedicated optometrists provide comprehensive children’s eye exams in Southern Ontario, helping our region’s youth get ahead on their growth, learning and development.

In many cases, a comprehensive eye exam is one of the only ways you can truly tell that your child’s eyes are developing properly and efficiently. Children who have vision issues may have difficulty in the classroom as well as in their daily life, which could impede their own growth. Additionally, vision issues could lead to safety concerns at any age.

Fervaha Eye Care provides comprehensive children’s eye exams in Barrie and the surrounding area, ensuring that all children are thriving and visualizing to their best potential. All of our optometrists are highly trained at what they do, and love working with children to make sure they are on track for success.

Eyes Are Vital For Education

80% of classroom learning is visual.

Therefore, a child’s eyes are an essential tool for their development and education. If children can’t properly see the materials they are learning, it becomes easy for them to fall behind in literacy, comprehension, athletics, and even social development.

It is also common for children to be misdiagnosed with learning disorders when they actually have a vision issue, something that can be recognized and properly treated with a comprehensive eye exam by a dedicated optometrist. Untreated vision problems in children can lead to developmental delays and impairments, including speech difficulties, inability to focus, and short attention spans.

A Child’s Eye Care is a Parent’s Responsibility

Children can’t always identify whether they are having vision issues, especially when they are young and still beginning to understand the world around them. Often, they won’t be able to recognize that an eye issue they’re experiencing isn’t normal, as they don’t know any difference. Therefore, it’s a parent’s duty to have their child’s eyes examined to identify any potential issues before they become a problem that can hinder their learning and growth.

When left too long, vision issues can be a serious deterrent to a child’s overall success in life. For example, it can limit their hand-eye coordination, impact their ability to learn in the classroom, and develop into a more serious eye condition that could limit vision entirely.

Early Identification of Vision Issues in Children is Essential

Some particular eye conditions, such as amblyopia (lazy eye) and strabismus (misalignment of the eyes) are only treatable in children, and only when they are detected early. If these types of issues are left untreated for too long, they could end up becoming difficult or impossible to correct by the time the child reaches adulthood.

Additionally, many of the vision tests that are administered to young children through their school are not comprehensive enough to catch any issues that aren’t obvious. These tests are only intended to look for surface issues that affect specific tasks, and do not provide a thorough and complete examination of the eyes.

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